3rd Annual Biogas Forum

3rd Annual Biogas Forum

Erstellt von Michaela Schimon in Veranstaltungen 29 Feb 2024

LIVE event 3rd Annual Biogas Forum on 5-6 of June 2024


Inventu welcomes you to the 3rd Annual Biogas Forum – an exclusive gathering of industry pioneers and experts! They will delve into the core topics shaping the biogas landscape, exploring innovative approaches and solutions to tackle current challenges head- on. Engage with industry leaders who will share their professional insights and experiences, providing invaluable perspectives.


This forum isn`t just about discussions. It`s a great opportunity to expand your network and cultivate new business connections. Don`t miss the chance be part of this dynamic exchange of leads, where collaboration and expertise converge.


Let`s chart the course fort he future of biogas togehter! More information here.




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